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We are Ayts Chayim Messianic Congregation Japan, a warm Messianic community, set in the heart of Tokyo but with members spread throughout Japan. Our congregation, meaning Tree of Life Japan, is composed of Japanese, international, bicultural, Jewish and Gentile lovers of God. In our congregation are couples, singles, students, parents, grandparents, and children.

私たちは、日本いのちの木メシアニック集会です。集会は東京の中心に位置していますが、礼拝参加メンバーは全国に広がっており、親しみを覚えるコミュニティーです。集会のヘブル語読みは、エイツ・ハイーム・ジャパン、英語読みは、Tree of Life Japanであり、私たちの集会は、日本人、国際人、二文化を有する人、ユダヤ人、そして非ユダヤ人の神を愛する人々で構成されています。私たちの集会には、夫婦、独身者、学生、祖父母、家族とその子供たちが集っています。

But his delight is in the Torah of Adonai,
and on His Torah he meditates day and night.
He will be like a planted tree over streams of water,
producing its fruit during its season.
Its leaf never droops—
    but in all he does, he succeeds.

Psalm 1: 2, 3




その人のすることはすべて、繁栄をもたらす。          (詩篇 1:2-3 新共同訳)


As we focus on growing as worshippers and believers of God, we are better able to be compassionate, generous, people of character. We pray for one another, we celebrate victories, and support each other in life’s difficult moments.


Here, there is community. Here, we are family, in the truest spirit of the word. We celebrate the Shabbat and the richness of all of the feasts (moedim) and festivals. We are planted as a Tree of Life, いのちの木, Ayts Chayim, here in Japan.


Come worship. Come bring your curiosity or love for Torah. Bring your thirst for something lasting, for peace that cannot easily be shaken. Messiah Yeshua is here.

そこにメシアニック・コミュニティーの内実があります。ここは、み言葉の意味を真摯に学び、私たちは霊の家族です。私たちは安息日(シャバット)とすべての祝宴(モエド)と祭りの豊かさを祝います。日本で、命の木、Tree of Life、エイツ・ハイームを植えています。



We meet every Shabbat in north Tokyo (Kita-ku, Tabata), for a bilingual traditional Torah service from 10:30am to 12:30pm.

Every 2nd and 4th Shabbat we also have an afternoon contemporary Messianic worship service from 3:30pm to 5:30pm.

We also have a number of other events and programs (Hebrew classes, Bibles Studies, Worship Nights etc) taking place on various Shabbats and throughout each month so please get in touch to learn more!

For those living outside of the Kanto area, you are invited to participate in a video call each week as some of our members throughout Japan do regularly.

Call the office 050-1100-5345 or email treeoflifemessianic@gmail.com to learn more.

Skype: treeoflifemessianic

私たちは、毎週土曜日(シャバット )、午後10:30から12:30時頃まで、東京の北に位置する北区田端新町のシナゴーグで、日英語のバイリンガル礼拝を行なっています。関東以外の地域にお住まいの方は、全国のメンバーが毎週行っているスカイプ(Skype)にて、参加できます。

詳細については、連絡先事務所 050-1100-5345(内山) までお電話いただくか、



Skype登録名: treeoflifemessianic


Address & Directions:
Nagoya Building 5F (ナゴヤビル)
3-36-1 TabataShinmachi, Kita-ku Tokyo 114-0012
Nearest station is Tabata 田端 on the Yamanote line. North exit
Google map from station to the synagogue https://goo.gl/HbgZoz

Ayts Chayim Messianic Congregation Japan


〒114-0012 東京都北区田端新町3ー36ー1 ナゴヤビル5階